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Titleist Vokey SM10 Wedge - Copper Plated (Design Your Own)

Titleist Vokey SM10 Wedge - Copper Plated (Design Your Own)

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Design your own copper wedges! Work with us to design your paint fill, ferrule and grip.  

BRAND NEW Titleist Vokey SM10 "blank canvass" wedges plated in copper for you to be sure to stand out around the greens. The copper has a distinct feel that golfers often find incredibly appealing. It offers a softer, more responsive sensation upon impact, providing instant feedback and enhancing your connection with the ball.

Beyond its performance benefits and aesthetic allure, the copper plating also sets your wedge apart on the course. Its distinctive look catches the eye and sparks conversations, making it a statement piece in your bag and a source of pride as you showcase your skills on the green.

Contact with any questions before ordering, otherwise we will reach out once your order is processed. 

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Made to play at 34". Resize upon request

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