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.38 Special Cork Putter Grip (Customize Options)

.38 Special Cork Putter Grip (Customize Options)

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Hold on loosely! The firm but velvety cork putter grip improves your putting by giving instant feedback when you are gripping too tight. Stop causing involuntary club head rotation and poor tempo and start making putts. The 1.15" non-tapered design modeled after saltwater fishing handles will decrease the amount of twist of normal putter grips. The sustainable and durable cork will last much longer than standard rubber putter grips and the natural weather resistant properties allow you to maintain the same feel even in the worst weather.

The ends are made of impact resistant rubberized cork to help protect the grip going in and out of the golf bag. 

Customizable options available! Great gift for your favorite golfer, or choose to put a logo for your company or group outing.

The grip conforms to the rules of golf per our USGA ruling.

Easy to install! Installation Instructions and video

UPC: 197644267675

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1.15" x 11"


Care Instructions

Depending on shaft diameter, apply 1-2 piece of grip tape. Apply generous amount of solvent to the shaft. DO NOT FILL GRIP WITH SOLVENT.

Slide on grip slowly until butt of shaft softly hits end of grip.

Clean shaft of any dripping solvent and NO NOT LET SOLVENT TOUCH PUTTER HEAD. Solvent will remove paint and finish.

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