Top 9 Golf Gifts for the Holliday Season

Top 9 Golf Gifts for the Holliday Season

Golf is not just a sport; it's a passion, a way of life for many enthusiasts. Whether you're shopping for a close friend, family member, or colleague who's an ardent golf lover, choosing golf gifts for men is more than just a thoughtful gesture – it's a way to tap into their deepest interests and bring a smile to their face. Golf is a sport that demands dedication, patience, and skill, and those who embrace it often find it goes far beyond the fairways and greens.

So, when you are selecting golf gifts, you're not merely offering a gift; you're acknowledging their commitment to a sport that represents relaxation, challenge, and a social connection all in one. In this blog, we'll explore golf gifts, offering insights into the meaningful, enjoyable, and practical options that cater to the golf lover in your life. Whether it's a birthday, a holiday, or a simple gesture of love, golf gifts will surely hit the sweet spot.

  1. Headcovers To Protect Their Putter

A headcover wraps a golfer’s trusted putter in a protective hug, ensuring they stay free from scratches and dings. When you gift a headcover, you're gifting their clubs a touch of style and protection, making their golfing experience even more special. These golf gifts for men are the perfect blend of practicality and personal flair.

Duckhook Golf & Gun Collection Headcover


The Duckhook Golf & Gun Putter Headcover is designed by Duckhook and handcrafted by Dormie Workshop. It's a great fit for your custom bullet-themed putter. It's easy to open and close with a magnetic clasp and fits both blade and mid-mallet putters. The head cover is made from high quality leather, featuring chestnut leather shotgun shells on top, a soft fleece houndstooth lining, and ample padding for protection.

This is the ultimate gift for men who like to hunt and golf!

  1. Duckhook Headcover



Keep your putter safe with the Greyscale Camo Headcover – it stands out and protects your special putter. It's made to fit standard blade-style putters, has high-quality faux leather, a soft interior, and an easy magnetic closure. It's not just a cover; it's a great gift to bring a little camo to the course while protecting your putter.

  1. Concealed Carry Can Coolers

$20.00 US

The Duckhook beer sleeve is a handy accessory that can hold up to 7 cans. Slides into any standard golf bag slot to ward off any suspecting starter, but it's not just for the golf course – the handy strap makes it ideal for taking to tailgates, picnics, the beach, and more. These versatile and practical sleeves are great golf gifts for men who love the outdoors.

  1. Koozie Combo: Golf Gifts for Men to Chill Out


Keep your drinks cold all summer long with the Koozie Combo can warmers. One is a classic camo, and the other is a versatile slap koozie. The camo koozie is perfect for standard cans and glass bottles, while the slap koozie wraps around anything from slim cans to tall boys. They make great golf gifts to keep your cool around the greens.

  1. Duckhook Ball Marker


This is a high quality stainless steel poker chip-style golf ball marker. It's about an inch in size and sticks inside the 1.5 inch poker chip holder using a strong magnet. It's not just a marker; it makes a great gift for any golfer. Give your golfer friends a memorable gift with this classy ball marker. Perfect as a stocking stuffer!

  1. Duckhook Birdie Juice Flask for Refreshing Sips

The Duckhook Birdie Juice Flask is a stainless steel 8-oz flask that golfers will love to carry around. This golf bag accessory is the perfect way to celebrate a successful round discreetly and indulge in a sip of well-deserved "birdie juice." This flask is convenient to carry on the course and guarantees you're prepared for both the game and a refreshing drink.


  1. Putters: Golf Gifts for Men for Perfect Putts

For the golfer who has everything, try giving a customized putter. Pick a putter that’s ready to play or work with a customizer to create something truly unique using logos, paints, custom finishes, and many more that no one else will have on the course.

Customize your Putter: Customized putters are fantastic gifts because they're made just for the person you're giving them to. It's like saying, "This is all about you!" Plus, they can remind the golfer of the person who gave it to them, making it a gift that's both fun and meaningful.

Duckhook Customs offers you the opportunity to personalize your putters, allowing you to create a unique and one-of-a-kind golf club tailored to your preferences and style. With a wide range of customization options, you can make your putter a reflection of your golf game and style.

Ready-to-Play Putters: We often create unique putters that are ready to buy. We take new and refurbished putters and customize them based on popular designs. Get a bullet-back putter with 9mm or .45 casings embedded in a Scotty Cameron, or check out our Golf & Gun collection of putters that have camo etched into the body.

Far from “off-the-shelf” ,these are great gifts at an amazing value for men and women when you need something right away. Here are some of the putters we offer

Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport 2 LH Putter


This new putter from Scotty's latest collection is all black and has a unique bullet back design. The shaft is also black and has a comfortable cork grip for better feel. It comes with a special black camo headcover and a cloth to help you keep it clean and looking good for a long time. These stylish putters are great golf gifts for men but take care to choose how long you want the shaft to be because this putter is custom-made just for the recipient.

Scotty Cameron Studio Style Teryllium Copper Conversion Putter



The Scotty Cameron Studio Style putter carries a sleek black oxide finish, and it promises a smooth and responsive putting experience. Personalize your putter with a cork grip and specify the shaft length in matte black for the perfect fit. Offering a unique blend of style and precision, they sure make great golf gifts for men!

Scotty Cameron Phantom 9.5 Camo Putter


The 2023 Scotty Cameron Phantom 9.5 putter is a brand-new custom creation from one of the best golf brands. It's sleek and stylish in black with a cool gray camo design on top and an all-black bottom with special weights and hardware. It's protected by a unique Ace of Spades x Duckhook blue camo headcover. It's a game-changer golf gift that brings power, precision, and style to every swing. Golfers of all kinds will love adding this extraordinary putter to their golf gear.

TaylorMade Spider Tour Deer Blind Putter


Give your golfing pals a special TaylorMade Spider Tour Deer Blind putter, designed to help them aim for the flagsticks on the course. It's a good-looking putter with black camo designs on top, a hint of blaze orange, and unique 30-30 caliber shells. Plus, it comes with an Ace of Clubs X Duckhook headcover. You can choose the shaft length you like. These golf gifts for men will let everyone know that you enjoy hunting as much as golf.

Scotty Cameron Phantom 7.5 Camo Bullet Back Putter


This 2023 Scotty Cameron Phantom 7.5 putter is brand new and made just for you. With its cool black design, grey camo pattern, and bullet back design, it's not only great looking but also very functional. It's got a blue camo headcover, and a care cloth to keep it in top shape. But you need to know that it takes about 3-4 weeks to get this special gift, so make sure to order it ahead of time.

Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2.6 Bullet Back Putter


The Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2.6 has a black finish with a "gun blue" style and a bullet-back design that make it look amazing. Plus, it comes with a unique cork grip and a matte black shaft. The center-shaft design helps to create a stable shot with less torque. You can even choose how long you want it to be. These golf gifts for men are all about improving your golf game with a touch of personal flair.

Scotty Cameron Sonoma Wine Series Putter


The Scotty Cameron Sonoma Wine Series putter is inspired by our team's love for great California wines, like The Sonoma. In this collection, the usual "sun" design is replaced with an etched cluster of grapes. A Duckhook black camo headcover is included. These golf gifts for men are not just for golfers; they're for anyone who loves golf and wine.

  1. Cork Putter Grips: Get a grip on your holiday shopping

Specially designed to help golfers hold the putter comfortably and securely while making precise and delicate strokes on the putting green, grips are a great gift. Putter grips from Duckhook Customs are made from durable, sustainable cork that will last for years. They improve the feel for more accurate putts and give great feedback when standing over those slippery knee-knockers

Model 12 Cork Putter Grip

$50.00 (Personalization Available)

The Model 12 is our newest cork putter grip named after the famous Winchester "Model 12" shotgun. It offers a velvety yet firm grip for more consistent putting, with a stylish 12-gauge shotgun shell embedded on top. This unique, weather-resistant grip, lighter than standard ones, makes a great gift for men and women golfers looking to improve their putting and add flair to their game.

The .38 Special Cork Putter Grip – Texas Edition


Show your Texas pride with our Lone Star or Longhorn cork putter grips. They not only look great but also help you play better. These grips have a firm yet velvety feel that stops you from holding the putter too tight, giving you more control. Their special design is weather-resistant, so they last longer than regular grips. It's the perfect gift for the Texan golfer in your life, and it'll help them play like a pro no matter the weather!


  1. "Pin Hunter" Divot Tools


A divot tool is used to repair ball marks or depressions in the green on a golf course. The Duckhook Customs "Pin Hunter" divot repair tool is made from a real 30-30 rifle cartridge and is a handy 3.5 inches long. It's easy to hold and has a brass shell and stainless steel tip to fix ball marks on the green without damaging the grass. This golf gift for men allows them to keep the golf course looking good while showing off their love for hunting.

  1. Golf Wedges

Wedges have long been a personalized club in many players’ bags. Stamping initials, phrases or designs have been going on for years. Club manufactures seem to come out with new finishes or different ways to customize the wedge the way you want.


While we offer stamping services, we have also created a series of torched raw wedges. These Vokey designs have zero finish on them, leaving the carbon steel exposed. Over time, they are meant to rust, rather than wear, which will keep the spin and performance over time closer to the day you bought it.


The raw finish allows a unique opportunity to torch the steel heads, which brings out iridescent blues, browns and purples. Like all finishes, this will wear over time, but the best part is that this finish can be reapplied with a torch quite easily!


Titleist Vokey SM8 RAW 62º - Torched


$225.00 USD
Shipping calculated at checkout.

Get the new Titleist Vokey SM8 62-degree wedge with a cool raw finish that can be customized just for you. Torched into a beautiful pearlescent blue, with some gold and silver to match the ferrule and grip. It's got a special shaft and a matching grip for great performance and style. These golf gifts for men let them show their style on the golf course while they play their best.

Titleist Vokey SM8 RAW 54º - Torched Sprinkles

Titleist Vokey SM9 RAW 54º torched to perfection with a dash of sprinkles.

No two clubs will torch the same, which makes the process more art than science. The iridescent blues, browns and purples go perfectly with the sprinkles. Stock SM9 shaft with "RAW" stickers.

Custom ferrule and matching grip


Titleist Vokey SM8 RAW 60º - Torched Sprinkles

Titleist Vokey SM9 RAW 60º torched to perfection with a dash of sprinkles.

No two clubs will torch the same, which makes the process more art than science. The iridescent blues, browns and purples go perfectly with the sprinkles. Stock SM9 shaft with "RAW" stickers.

Custom ferrule and matching grip







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